An introduction to mindful self-compassion workshop

Science based stress reduction

by being on your own side. 

This 4hr workshop provides the theory, science and research findings alongside practical exercises to take away with you. (it is not therapy)

The workshop will cover the following:

  • The science stuff: The proven benefits and physiology of self-compassion
  • Dispelling common myths and barriers
  • How to be more on your own side to reduce stress in your life
  • Follow up resources

Take the self compassion quiz  

This workshop is based on the cutting edge work by Dr. Kristin Neff   who has pioneered research into the benefits of living with more self compassion and co- developed the programme Mindful Self Compassion with Chris Germer.

Kate developed this series of workshops from her training in this programme, over the years including with Dr. Chris Germer, Dr. Kristin Neff and Prof Paul Gilber OBE (compassion focused therapy) alongside her own practice of self compassion. She also teaches it to Health/ caring professionals as Mindful2care.

What is self compassion?  We will be exploring this in the workshop, but in a nutshell it is about treating yourself like you would a mate when things are difficult or painful. For many of us that is easier said than done!

What are the Benefits of self compassion? The research shows that there are many benefits of learning to be more self-compassionate, including reducing stress and stress related unhelpful behaviours, increased resilience to life’s difficulties and more ability to be with others pain.

Who is this course for?

It is for everyone. Self compassion is an often misunderstood and neglected part of our western culture. This means that many of us are missing out on the natural system we have for soothing and being with painful difficult situations that are part of life.

Anyone wanting to make changes in their lives and reduce stress but have difficulty with motivation and self-criticism also benefit from mindful self compassion practice. It is found that motivating ourselves with kindness is much more effective then with self criticism, fear and aggression.

Self compassion research

Carers both professionals and lay carers, anyone who works with others especially who are suffering, can really benefit from this workshop and practice. Evidence shows that the more we are able to be with our own pain the more we can hold others, without having to fix it, get rid of it,  numb out or be overwhelmed by it. It is a great CPD activity for health professionals.

This introduction workshop is also the pre requisite for the “mindful self compassion for health/ caring professionals” email me for more information on this here 

If you are an organisation or team of carers/ helping or health professionals, teachers then you can have this cutting edge workshop brought to you, to help and support your team in their work at their workplace. Ask about a booking here  Self compassion has been linked to reducing burnout and empathy fatigue and build resilience. There are many research papers on this please see here

Here is a flyer to share with others who may be interested.