Mindfulness retreats

mindfulness retreatsA mindfulness retreat is for people that already have some mindfulness practice experience. It is either a half day or full day, purely for practicing mindfulness together! It is an opportunity to be guided through a variety of practices, with nothing else to do but “just be”.

It is held in beautiful surroundings and in noble silence to support your experience of going within and bringing awareness to your experience. This really is a time to release yourself from business and doing and listen to yourself. No phones, no one needing anything from you……… Re TREAT yourself!

How is a retreat different from a workshop or course? A retreat is different from a mindfulness workshop or course, in that the focus is much more on continuous practice, without theory or workshop activities.  You will be guided through a range of mindfulness practices: including sitting, walking, standing, eating, listening and talking, compassion and loving kindness. The practices will depend a little according to the theme of the retreat.

Usually retreats are offered as half day or full days in Rangiora. However it is possible to offer these elsewhere in different formats in North Canterbury if a suitable venue is available. If you are interested in a retreat elsewhere in North Canterbury, please email us.

Who is it for? The mindfulness retreats are for people who have some sort of grounding and experience of the practices. Either by having done a course or other mindfulness practice experiences. The reason for this is not to exclude people but to support people to get the most out of the practice.  As there will be no theory as such on what we are doing and no instructions other than the guidance of the practice itself then people who are totally new to mindfulness and formal practices would get the most by doing an introduction course or the like first.

It is great for those that have some sort of experience of mindfulness practices and want to re invigorate their practice or go deeper. As well as experiencing the benefits of practicing with others that is such an important way to keep our practice alive.


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