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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week course          (MBSR)               

Starting 30th September 2020

Where? Rangiora

When ? The course runs on 8 consecutive Wednesday evenings 6pm -8.30/ 9pm, plus one day long retreat on a Sunday (see dates of next course below) 

Registration   You can find out about the registration/ intake  process and  read more about this course here, or enquire now to register 

Places are limited to 12 only. 

The Rangiora course offers a smaller group size, rural setting and ongoing support. 

This is the evidence-based “gold standard “of mindfulness courses. It has been taught around the world for 40 years and is extensively researched.

Who is it for? MBSR is the comprehensive mindfulness training course for those who want to make mindfulness a life long practice.

 The course is also for anyone who wants to reduce work, family or health-related stress and to bring a greater sense of balance and meaning to their lives and also to manage challenges more skillfully. The course is for adults and is of benefit for those totally new to mindfulness as well as those with a current practice. Find out more about the proven benefits of this course and what it involves here

There are some situations when it is not the best time to do an MBSR course, to ensure this is the best time for you and meet your needs there is an intake process to the course, see here

To see what people say about the course see here 

Are you a health professional or teacher? MBSR is the course to do as CPD  for health professionals and teachers.

Dates for September 2020 course in Rangiora

week 1   September 30th 6-9 pm

week 2    October 7th  6-8.30 pm

week 3    October 14th  6-8.30 pm

week 4     October 21st  6-8.30 pm

week 5    October 28th  6-8.30 pm

week 6    November 4th   6-8.30

week 7     November 11th  6-8.30 pm

week 8     November 18th   6-9 pm 

Day long/ retreat day  Sunday 8th November 10.30 to 16.30 Rossburn Receptions, Rangiora

Mindfulness Practice Group 

This practice group is for anyone that has done an intro. course or another mindfulness course and wants to keep their practice alive by joining a community of like minded folks to practice with. 
The group will involve some sort of combination of the following:
guided mindfulness practice
some instruction/ teachings
Facilitated exploration of our mindfulness practice, what we are noticing and how we are relating to our experience ( this is called inquiry).

Dates and times:

Next 4 week block starts on October 6th 2020
Tuesday nights
6.45 pm
Rangiora Health hub

Email me for more information

Cost: $72 for a 4 week block 


Let’s join together to watch this critically acclaimed documentary, afterwards will be a short mindfulness practice and Q&A.

Fundraiser for Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust. The money will be used to support local mental and emotional wellbeing.


Building resilience 5 week course (community course) 

Rewire your brain to be more resilient
This 5 week course is bursting with cool neuroscience and practical tools that actually make lasting changes to your brain and life.
80 minute sessions with practices to take away to rewire your brain.
Based on the work of Dr Rick Hanson’s positive neuroplasticity training and much much more.
Resilient people make resilient communities: be part of making your community resilient in these uncertain and challenging times.

Some of the themes covered will include:
Mindfulness: the power and pleasure of being present
Working with the puppy mind/ ruminating mind
Re balancing the negativity bias surviving to thriving
Making good experiences stick and become part of us.
Connecting with and cultivating joy, kindness and compassion
Treating ourselves with kindness ( as a friend) when things are difficult
Building connection for resilience

Group is limited to 14 places.

This course is a community course and not for profit. Any money that is made extra to covering costs will go back into the kete for more subsidized courses.

Funding and sponsorship of places it also welcomed. 

Cost: choose what you are best able to pay
Benefactor rate (support another person in your community who is not able to pay, to attend the course too) $ 130
Standard rate $ 105
Supported rate (3 places available) $ 50

This course is full , if you want to be on the next one email me on kate@mindfulnessnc.nz

Next Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Courses

Rangiora Intro course

Next course starts: November 2nd Monday evenings

Details and tickets here

Mindful Eating Workshop 

email me if you would like to have this workshop offered to a group

For details  here 

Mindful Self Compassion Workshops

Choose from the following options:

  • An introduction to mindful self compassion Details of this workshop and download registration form here

Cost: $95.00 (payment options available) includes resources

Next workshop: Rangiora 30th August 2020, 1-5 pm

  • Mindful self compassion part 2 workshop

Details coming soon. This is the follow up to the Introduction workshop, with more great ways to build self compassion for yourself and the world.  Email interest here 

  • Mindful self compassion for health/ helping professionals

Details coming soon. This is a follow up to the Introduction workshop, with specific practices and theory for those in the caring/ helping fields. Prevention of empathy fatigue and support to keep doing what we love in a sustainable way. Pre-requisite is the Introduction workshop. Email interest here

  • Mindful self compassion workshops for your team/ workplace Tailor made for the type of work you do, to support you doing what you do best. Gather your team and we come to you. Email interest here

Mindfulness Retreats

see details here 

Day of mindfulness Rangiora (for those that have done an MBSR course or the like)

8th November Rossburn Receptions Rangiora

Cost: $85

Mindful Yoga workshops

For more information on mindful yoga

If you wish to have a mindful yoga workshop for you and your friends then email me, I can offer these anywhere in North Canterbury.